Stylish Blogger Award

WOW! How cool that Tana, Evie and Lisa all awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award!! Thank you so much ladies! What an honor. :)

Well, in order to continue the trend, I have to post 8 things about myself that you all don't know.

1) Me and Oprah have a lot in common. Ok, so only our fluctuating weight!! Right now I'm on the higher side of the scale. Gotta get back on track!
2) I have three stepdaughters (11, 15 and 18) The two younger ones live with me and my husband and the oldest just enlisted in the Navy.
3) I really miss Boston. I'm very close to my family but the physical distance I am from them now is very difficult for me.
4) I have a 7 year old half brother whom I adore in addition to two other younger siblings(brother and sister).
5) My 26 year old brother plays professional hockey in California! Not NHL...yet!
6) I met my newest BFF on a knitting web site. (Ravelry)
7) I love playing JUST DANCE on the Wii!!!
8) You can often hear me belting out any old tune in the car. I also sing a lot in church and direct the children's choir.

Well, that's more about me! Now it's my turn to award 8 other bloggers with this award. And here they are:

Thanks again, girls!!! :)


the cricutologist said...

Congrats Shauna! Well deserved! I lived in Boston for 6 years and loved it. My husband was in the Army and worked at Natick labs. We lived in Hudson. It's awesome that you work with the children's choir at church. Wish we had one at our church. I wont suggest it b/c then I'll be in charge of it! Lol! You know how that goes. Plus I can't carry a tune! It was nice to read about you!

Sheena said...

Thanks Shauna!!! I got my award posted!!

Hugs, Sheena

Crafty Katy said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shauna!!! I am honored that you liked my blog so much. I look forward to seeing what you create designing for Robyn. I think your work is great!

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