One Cartridge Card- Wild Card

Hello! First off, I just wanted to mention that the My Pink Stamper blog hop is this Friday!! I've been working on a little something, so I really hope y'all like it! Also, let me be clear that even though I live in Louisiana, I am from Boston, so my y'all is not as cute out loud as it seems in writing. ;)

Since I'm new to the Cricut, I've been experimenting a lot. And sometimes, with me, experimenting means no finished projects. So, this afternoon, I decided that I would make a simple card using only one Cricut cartridge! For this post, I chose the Wild Card cartridge, which has quickly topped my list of favorites. I especially like the matching envelopes! Oh, and I should mention that I wanted to make a card that I hadn't yet seen on any blogs. This doesn't mean no one has made this card and blogged about it, I just haven't seen it, therefore, I haven't been influenced to do it a certain way.

I thought this would be an adorable Valentine's Day card for a child. Here it is:

I basically did this as it is suggested in the cartridge booklet, only with a few additions. All easy though!

1) Cut a 4" Monster card. I chose pink cardstock.
2) Cut 4" Monster card blackout image. I used black cardstock.
3) Cut 4" Monster card liner for the card only. I used this really cute heart paper from Wal-Mart.
4) Cut 4" Monster icon for face. I used green.
5) Cut 4" Monster card in green. This is how I put hands and feet on the monster. You don't have to do with step, I just wanted to accentuate the monster's hands and feet.
6) Cut 3" Heart from the heart card. I just realized that there's also a heart under "frame" for the Monster card. See?? I learn as I'm going!! That would have been easier. LOL.
7) Cut 2" uppercase 'U' from the Circle card.

I glued all of the pieces together and added Stickles to the feet, and on the heart closest to the monster's actual heart(hee hee). I also added Stickles to the left side of the inside heart and the right side of the 'U' on the inside of the card. Can't forget the bow! This monster just wouldn't be as cute without it. I hope you like it! I know my 7 year old half brother will love it for Valentine's Day. :)

And just for some eye candy, here are some other cards I've whipped up. A few of these are very simple using very teensy cuts with the Cricut.. Enjoy!

Don't you just love the matching envelope that goes with the Wild Card Owl? I do!! Well, I certainly have a lot to learn when it comes to card making, but I'm having a blast getting the creative juices flowing.

Until next time!


Kristen said...

I love your little monster valentine's card! So cute! I, too, love wild card and all of the matching envelopes. I know you are just getting started with your cricut, but you are great. I love your color choices, especially for the monster card and the owl card. Thanks for sharing!

the cricutologist said...

I agree with Kristin! I would never think you a beginner! Great colors and design! Good job! Keep crankin them out! They are lovely!

Patricia said...

The sheep "Thank Ewe" card is wonderful! My step-mom, Mary, loves sheep and I know she would love a card like that. I will have to copy that one, it will make her day! Your work is inspiring. Have a wonderful day, Patty

Sheree said...

These cards are amazing! I hardly ever use my wild card cartridge and need to dig it out more often!

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