A Few Things

First of all, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to my new followers and also to those of you that left sweet comments on my last post for the My Pink Stamper blog hop!!! You have no idea how overwhelmed and in awe I am of this whole thing. I feel very blessed to have fallen into this craft. This is such a wonderful community of people. Also, a special SHOUT-OUT to the other Cricut newbies out there!!! I'm so glad to be learning along with you.

                  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on. :) Because I'm so new, AND I'm designing for Robyn of My Pink Stamper, I tend to be hard on myself about some of my "in-between" projects. Please bear with me as I learn about the tips and tricks of paper crafting in general!!

Well, on Sunday, after church, I only had a few minutes to throw together a birthday card. I know it's super super simple, but it had to be! I had 15 minutes to make it! LOL.

Then, later that night I went to a friend's house for dinner. She had very politely asked if I would make a quick birthday card for her sister-in-law. She said she liked cycling and had a turtle named Harry, so I whipped this one up using the Create-A-Critter and Heritage cartridges.

Our church secretary's daughter(yes, they still call her a secretary...isn't that so 80s? I would prefer administrative assistant, thank you very much!) Well, her 8 year old daughter will be having minor surgery on Friday. (Please say a prayer for her!)Another woman and I decided we would put together a basket for her and I'd be in charge of the hand-made card. I also decided to make her one of these crowns from the Storybook cartridge. In fact, it is the first project in the beginning of the booklet, only with a few of my own touches. These Louisiana girls LOVE their zebra print, and I happen to know this is the exact style of her bedroom. (You can't see the Stickles or the gems, but they're there!)

And, since my stepdaughter saw it, she just had to have one too!

So, this is what I've been working on yesterday and today. I am just LOVING this craft!!

Until next time!
~Shauna :)


Linda said...

All of it is sooo cute!! :) Especially LOVE the turtle!! :) I'm going to have to try those crowns for my girls...except I have to use a different cart (I don't have Storybook). Thanks for sharing it all! :)


Kim said...

Love it all! How thoughtful to make a little girl feel so special!

Edna said...

Great designs and really love the pattern crowns to fabulous :)

Alex said...

So adorable :) new follower :)

Nuts in a Tree said...

You are doing great! I just love that little turtle with the bike...and your thoughtfulness at using what that recipient likes and does is so cool! Enjoy your day!

Rhonda :)

Patricia said...

Hi! I really like the Happy Birthday in blue with the red as the background the dotted print. What cart did you use to make the "Happy Birthday"? I really love it! Please share your secrets! Thanks, Patty


Ash said...

Love the bicycle card!! Super cute!! Thanks for your comment too, Shauna!!! I really appreciate it! :)


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